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Every grain and species of rice must pass Sitikorn Rice Co., Ltd. ‘s
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and safety standard products to our customers.

(Jasmin rice)

Jasmine rice has a unique fragrance, as natural as the pure dewdrops on jasmine in the early morning hours. Once chewed, it is softer and tastier than other kinds of rice. Thai Jasmine rice grains are long and jasmine-white to light ivory in color.

(Pathum rice)

Pathum rice is Thailand’s newest rice type which can be cultivated in irrigable areas. It is fragrant and soft like Jasmine rice- especially freshly harvested, early season rice which have their notable scent. This rice type is considered a great choice for consumers who prefer softer rice at a reasonable price.

(White rice)

White rice is made by removing the brans from brown non-glutinous rice.

(Glutinous rice)

Glutinous rice has smaller and more oval grains. It is covered with a strong husk; when the rice is still young the husk is green before maturing into a golden yellow or maroon-purple tone depending on the type. The notable quality of this rice type is the stickiness of the grains once steamed, and its special aroma.

(Broken rice)

Broken rice lengths are 2.5 parts or above.


The Riceberry grains are long, slim and shiny. It is a non-glutinous rice with a distinct deep purple-berry shade,
which it is famously named after. When cooked the rice has a unique texture and taste, especially in husked Riceberry.

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