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Every Grain Is Our Pride

Sitikorn Rice Co., Ltd. perceives the World rice market’s constant growth and global consumers’ demand for Thai rice. Domestically grown rice have widely impressed consumers from all corners of the globe from its distinctive taste and unique texture, earning “Thai Rice” the recognition and fame as one of the World’s Top 5 cultivators.

Sitikorn Rice Co., Ltd. was established as manufacturer of packaged quality rice of all types. Our rice undergoes fine selection from the country’s best plains, standard manufacturing procedures, packaging designed by professionals before being proudly distributed to consumers both in Thailand and around the globe. You can be fully assured that every bag of rice is packed with quality as we have been certified with international standards.

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Determination in all steps

Sitikorn Rice Co., Ltd. determination is driven by the potential to respond to all customer demands. Here, we are always developing products, improving services and updating our technology to find the best solution for customers and become part of the “Thai Rice” success on the global stage.

We specialize in all rice-related services.

Every grain is carefully selected as our consumers deserve only the best.
Highly experienced staff who specialize in Thai rice.